Software Development

Autonomous robot localization

Java, Python, OpenCV

Systems Infrastructure

Microwave Mesh Networking

EHF Radio Communications, Networking

Mobile App Developent

Medical Patient Experience Research

Python, OpenCV, Kotlin

Network Engineering

Autonomous System Maintainer

Networking, IPv6, Carrier Grade Routing

Security Research

Network and webapp pentesting

Internal and external network and web pentesting

Radio Communications

Long distance rf communications

UHF/VHF FM and Packet


I'm a student interested in programming and technology. I specialize in serverside network programming in Python, Go, and Java.


Aviation Data Aquisition - AirEyes Inc.

Software Research Consultant - Indiana University, School of Nursing

Programming Instructor - CodeVana

Robot Vision Development - Team 1540

Emergency Radio Communications - ARES

IT Intern - Catlin Gabel School


Hurricane Electric IPv6 Networking
FCC Part 97 Radio Technician